Oenolia Cosmetics


Which benefits do your products provide?
By combining the use of our cosmetics as described in the skin care guide, you are sure to optimise our products’ effectiveness.

– The Day Cream gives you an immediate feeling of comfort. In addition to its anti-ageing and antioxidant virtues, it moisturises and soothes the skin, leaving it firm and soft, all day long.

– The Night Cream has a higher concentration of active ingredients because cells regenerate at night. The cream regenerates, hydrates and thickens the elastin and collagen fibres.

Are your cosmetics organic?
No, organic products would not enable us to give you stability and anti-microbial protection. We therefore made the decision to offer you products that are healthy, stable, tested and safe.

Do your products contain perfume?
Yes, in subtle proportions.

Which dermatological tests are conducted on your products?
A cytotoxicity test, a skin tolerance test and a usage test to assess the qualities of the cosmetics after repeated use.

Have these products been tested for allergies?

A cosmetic surveillance system has been set up to record any adverse effects regarding the products such as skin irritations or allergic reactions.

To date, no adverse effects have been observed for Oenolia products.

How long do the products keep?
Once opened, the products keep for the following durations:

– Day Cream: 6 months
– Night Cream: 9 months

How long are the products used for?

On average, the products are used for the following durations:

Our Day Cream and Night Cream (50 ml): approximately 3 months.

Has your range been tested on animals?
No. The range was tested on volunteer female subjects aged between 35 and 50.

How long before the products start to work?

For the creams:

– As of the first application, you will feel the soothing and moisturising effects of the creams. They immediately give your skin a comfortable and supple feeling.

– To reduce the signs of ageing, you will see a difference as of the second week of application, if you use both the Day and Night Creams.

Can men use Oenolia products?
Of course! Our products are suitable for all skin types so if men want to use them, there is no reason why not, especially as the perfume is not very strong.

When can I start to use these cosmetics?
A young woman can start to use the products after adolescence. We advise women to start to protect their skin from external factors such as pollution or the sun very early on.

Which other active ingredients are used in the products?
The other active ingredients used in the creams are: Chlorella Vulgaris extract (green microalgae), Pelvetia canaliculata extract and vitamin E derivative. These active ingredients provide a regeneration effect (repair, anti-ageing), and give skin a feeling of comfort (hydration, softness, relief).

Do your products contain parabens?

Yes, many formulae must be protected from germs so that they can be used in all climates and over several months. This is a safety requirement for consumers throughout the entire duration of product use, even if the jar is left open and the cream is applied with your fingers. Oenolia uses synthetic preservatives recognised by European scientific authorities, and in low dosages (less than 1%).

On the basis of independent scientific studies that demonstrated that parabens are harmless with regard to human health and the environment, the European Commission has recommended their use as preservatives in cosmetics. Furthermore, the American Cancer Society has found no elements to prove that parabens could be a risk factor in the development of breast cancer.

What is the relationship between Oenolia and wine?
Oenolia cosmetics have something precious: polyphenols, from grape seeds. Polyphenols are also found in wine. Who better to bring you a range of cosmetics with the most powerful antioxidant in the plant world than wine specialists working in partnership with a major laboratory?

What if I am not satisfied?
With Oenolia and our exclusive distributors, you enjoy our money back guarantee.